Extra Curricular Activities

An active mind is a healthy mind. We at Disa Primary School stand by our motto to be “A SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE”.
We believe in playing as hard as we work. The learners love to be creative and these various extra curricular activities unlock their true potential.

Activities varies, depending on demand and the season.

Activities are run free of charge by our teachers and others are offered for a small fee by outside coaches and teachers.
Learners also get a chance to explore coastal walks, entering the annual SANDCASTLE competition or looking for squirrels in the woods adjacent to our school.

  1. Extra Mural Timetable A - Term 1 (27 January - 21 February)
  2. Extra Mural Timetable B - Term 1 (24 February - 6 March)
  3. Extra Mural Timetable A - Term 2 (20 April - 22 May)
  4. Extra Mural Timetable B - Term 2 (25 May - 13 June)