Our Staff

We have come a long way since Disa Primary School opened in 2012. What we have achieved has been due to the disciplined daily efforts of all concerned. And it is the continuation of these efforts that indicates a brilliant and successful future for our school.


This prospectus depicts that which the school has offered, and will continue to offer, learners. Each learner is valued as an individual and for the unique gifts that he or she brings to the richness of this community. 


The school is a community that not only supports and structures the intellectual growth of its learners and staff, it is a place of peace that nurtures social development. Also, it actively supports the environment and has strong ties to local businesses. Indeed, Disa Primary School has become embedded in the community of Hout Bay as part of our daily life. 


The last eight years have seen the implementation of a new curriculum delivery systems and technology, an academic-enrichment program, and an extensive extramural program. 


Accompanying examples of ongoing educational innovation such as these, an emphasis is placed equally on the fraternal care and collegiality we share as the Disa family. This is symbolized by our two school mascots Buddy and Budsy.


This prospectus is also an expression of gratitude for the opportunities that are manifest through the existence of our school. We should never forget that central to our daily endeavors is the maintaining of the school as a benchmark of excellence which inspires a life of significance, and the development of a caring and competent character.


Disa's learners make the school the joyful constructive place that it is. We are thankful for their presence and are blessed by it. We take true pride in the achievements of our learners.


The prospectus depicts an in-depth look into what we have on offer at our school for current and future learners.

We appreciate each and every learner that crosses our doorway each morning and o er them the best we can each day. We teach our learners about our values which is the foundation of our school. We introduced Buddy and Budsy whom the learners adore, when they make their appearance at every assembly, to honour the learners with excellent academic and behavioural achievements. These mascots teach the children to treat fellow learners like brothers and sisters and to look out for each other.

We are grateful for so many blessings and countless events lled with pure joy and exhilaration. We have always remained humble and should never take for granted the beautiful opportunities that we are given through our association with the school. We must never forget WHY we are here and what our vision for the school is namely to be a school of excellence and a benchmark for all-rounded education, inspiring a life of signi cance, so that we can become people of Character, Caring and Competency.

Our Disa learners bring so much joy and happiness to our school. We are truly fortunate to have such a special group of learners that enrich our lives every day. You have touched our hearts and this school, by your presence and we are proud of you.

I hope you will enjoy the prospectus, as we tell our story through picturesque images.

Thank you!!




Principal Gregory Vlotman WCED
Foundation Phase Deputy Principal Michelle Swanepoel WCED
Intermediate & Senior Phase Deputy Principal Alexander Molteno SGB

Grade R
Grade R Teacher & FP HOD Celeste Loggenberg SGB
Grade R Trainee Educator Simamkele Ngalwa SGB
Grade R Teacher & Grade Head Chloe Ullrich SGB
Grade R Trainee Educator Noncedo Mndi SGB
Grade R Teacher Faith Mawere SGB
Grade R Trainee Educator Ntombi Banjwa SGB

Grade 1
Grade 1 Teacher & FP HOD Genevieve Morgan WCED
Grade 1 Teacher & Grade head Esther Chihwereva SGB
Grade 1 Teacher Roxanne Muller SGB
Grade 1 Trainee Educator Hilda Clarke SGB
Grade 1 Trainee Educator Lusanda Nyanga SGB

Grade 2
Grade 2 Teacher & FP HOD Sania Kotze(Nicola Steunenberg) WCED
Grade 2 Teacher & Grade head Sarah Aupiais SGB
Grade 2 Teacher Kim Sabatta SGB
Grade 2 Trainee Educator Thobisile Zungu SGB
Grade 2 Trainee Educator Zaakiyah Tieling SGB

Grade 3
Grade 3 Teacher & FP HOD Megan Schmid WCED
Grade 3 Teacher & Grade head Katherine Ray SGB
Grade 3 Teacher Kholeka Sibiya WCED
Grade 3 Trainee Educator Thembi Mngxunyeni SGB
Grade 3 Trainee Educator Noncedo Mngomeni SGB

Grade 4
Grade 4 Teacher & FP HOD Tamsyn Young WCED
Grade 4 Teacher & Grade head Phumlisa Mkosana SGB
Grade 4 Teacher Charlotte Springveldt WCED
Grade 4 Trainee Educator Zanele Mosho SGB
Grade 4 Trainee Educator Nomatamsanqa Gadudu SGB

Grade 5
Grade 5 Teacher & Grade head Marike Pieterse WCED
Grade 5 Teacher Precious Gumede SGB
Grade 5 Teacher Gi-Che Abrahams WCED
Grade 5 Trainee Educator Zimasa Jabe SGB
Grade 5 Trainee Educator Gloria Ntlapo SGB

Grade 6
Grade 6 Teacher & FP HOD & Grade head Melissa Wyngaard WCED
Grade 6 Teacher Greer Levendal SGB
Grade 6 Teacher Celeste Dennis SGB
Grade 6 Trainee Educator Tandiswa Gcasamba SGB
Grade 6 Trainee Educator Nomandla Magusha SGB

Grade 7
Grade 7 Teacher & Grade head Cailtin Thomas SGB
Grade 7 Teacher Reyanah Manuel SGB
Grade 7 Teacher Andron Crisp SGB
Grade 7 Trainee Educator Jo-Ann Ackers SGB
Grade 7 Trainee Educator Thabile Masiza SGB

Grade 1 - 3 Afrikaans Teacher & Grade head of FAL Staff Annemie Steyn WCED
Grade 4 - 5 Afrikaans Teacher Willa Bleeker WCED
Grade 6 -7 Afrikaans Teacher Nicolien Sennett SGB
Grade 1 - 3 isiXhosa Teacher Nomakula Mbacwana SGB
Grade 4 - 5 isiXhosa Teacher Nolubabalo Maci SGB
Grade 6 -7 isiXhosa Teacher Mandisa Mabuto SGB

Specialist Staff
ICT Teacher & Head Specialist staff Robert Fischer SGB
Learning Support Teacher: Grade 1R & 2R Talia Runciman SGB
Learning Support Trainee Educator: Grade 1R & 2R Sidikka Adams SGB
Learning Support Teacher: Grade 4Gi & 5Gi Cheryl Gilbert SGB
GLearning Support Trainee Educator: Grade 5Gi & 5Gi Nosipho Nyalvan SGB
Learning Support Teacher: Grade 6Tw & 7Tw Jessica Tweedie SGB
Learning Support Trainee Educator: Grade 6Tw & 7Tw Precious Tame SGB
Physical Education Teacher Darryn Smith SGB
Therapy Team
Social Worker Neliswa Mvumvu SGB
Occupational Therapist Megan Pretorius(Melissa Petersen) SGB
Speech Therapist Olivia Thomet-Brown(Celeste Lucas) Indp Cont
Psychologist Steffi Stockton Indp Cont
Student Psychologist(Every Thursday) Mirriam Mkhiza Volunteer
Admin and IT
Bursar Admire Chibaya SGB
Receptionist Sibongile Sikenjana SGB
Secretary Noeline Case SGB
Network Support Duaan Claasen Artibeus
Network Support William Scanlen Artibeus
Support Staff
Head Chef Jonathan Deltour SGB
Cook Mandisa Beduna SGB
Cook Nandipha Nyembezi SGB
Cook Philiswa Gxarisa SGB
Cleaner Ntsikelelo Welcome Njubane SGB
Cleaner Petros Moyo SGB
Cleaner Samukelisiwe Hlatshwayo SGB
Cleaner Lindiwe Guma SGB
Cleaner / Driver / Plumber Sulaiman Adams SGB
Cleaner Clement Chilinda SGB
Cleaner Babalwa Toko SGB
Cleaner Yonela Mawu SGB
Cleaner Siyamthanda Sibara SGB
Driver Jamiel Adams SGB
CoCt Cleaner Andiswe Volunteer
CoCt Cleaner Sina Khaba Volunteer
CoCt Cleaner Thotyelwa Bazi Volunteer